• Is there a dress code?

    Since partner companies will be present throughout the conference, business attire is mandatory for the entire conference (i.e. costume or suit with tie). Otherwise, admission cannot be granted.

  • Is there an age limit?

    The minimum age for the event is 18 years.

  • Will there be WiFi?

    There will be no WiFi in the Zoo Gesellschaftshaus, nor in Tower 185.

  • What about alcoholic drinks?

    It is forbidden to bring high-percentage alcohol or other drugs with you. Consumption in hotel rooms is prohibited. Of course, we expect you to be sober, well-rested and fit when participating in the program. We reserve the right to exclude any persons from the conference.


  • What is the participation fee?

    You can find the different tariffs and information in this regard in the Ticket Shop.

  • Will the BVH pay the travel expenses?

    For the conference and the meeting of the members NO travel expenses paid. Participants are independently responsible for their arrival and departure.

  • Will the BVH reimburse my costs if I withdraw?

    A return of the participation ticket and thus a refund of the ticket price is not possible! If you want to transfer your ticket to another person, note the points at "Can I transfer the ticket to another person?".

  • What costs will I incur if I do not arrive despite registration?

    There will be no further costs. However, you will still have to pay the ticket costs. If you want to transfer your ticket to another person, note the points under "Can I transfer the ticket to another person?

  • Will my regional finance association cover the costs?

    This question needs to be answered by your regional club. Each club decides individually. Past experience shows that regional associations have been able to support their members.

  • How many tickets can my regional association order?

    There is no restriction. It applies "First come, first serve".

  • Can I also order tickets for my association colleagues?

    Yes, you can buy multiple tickets. However, for all tickets, the data of the other ticket holder must be specified.


  • Where can I find information about the conference?

    On the website you will find the latest information about the BVH Conference. You can also ask questions in advance at or on our communication platform "". Shortly before the conference, all participants will receive the most important information through an "onboarding mail". In addition, all essential information will be made available in the BVH App at an appropriate time before the start of the conference.

  • How can I ask questions to the conference team during the conference when they are not on-site?

    You can find all the contact details of our responsible persons on our communication platform Slack. Under "" you can directly ask your questions and get an answer as soon as possible. If necessary address your question also to by mail, these will be processed continuously. Otherwise, there should always be a member of the organisation team nearby.

  • Can I still register after the registration deadline?

    Late registration is no longer possible after the registration deadline. Only for the general assembly on 30.11.2018, there is an extended possibility for board members entitled to participate. Participation in the general assembly is free of charge. Registration is also in the Ticket Shop

  • Can I still cancel my registration?

    A return of the participation ticket is not possible. If you want to transfer your ticket to another person, note the points under "Can I transfer the ticket to another person?".

  • Can I transfer the ticket to another person?

    After clarification with the conference team ( you can transfer your ticket to another person. In advance, the other person must agree! The request to transfer tickets must be made before the end of the official ticket sale and must contain the contact details of both parties involved in the exchange. Furthermore, the person taking over the ticket must be placed in CC. The accepting person pays the ticket costs to the transferring person. No ticket exchange will be accepted after the registration deadline.

  • What should my CV look like?

    Your CV must be in the form "LastName_FirstName_CV.pdf" can be uploaded. Put it together as you would for a normal application. As orientation, you can also use the template of e-fellows here .

  • What happens to my uploaded CV?

    Your CV will only be forwarded internally by BVH to the partner companies which you have indicated when registering, and the data will not be stored by BVH after the event. A CV is mandatory if you wish to participate in the Business Speed Dating and/or workshops. If you are not interested in this offer, you do not have to upload a CV.

  • Do I get a confirmation of participation?

    Participation confirmations are not issued.


  • What's the address of the hotel?

    • B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Hbf, Mainzer Landstraße 80-84, 60327 Frankfurt
    • B&B Hotel Frankfurt City-Ost, Hanauer Landstraße 117, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
  • How do I get to the hotel?

    • B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Hbf : Arrival by public transport: The B&B Frankfurt-Hbf is only 350 metres from the main railway station and can, therefore, be reached in just a few minutes on foot. Alternatively, from Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof with the tram 11 (direction Zuckerwerdtstraße), tram 16 (direction Ginnheim) or tram 21 (direction Mönchhofstraße) to stop "Platz der Republik" (journey time approx. 2 minutes). Then approx. 70 metres on foot.
    • B&B Hotel Frankfurt City-Ost: Arrival by public transport: The B&B City-Ost is 4 minutes walk from the underground station "Ostbahnhof" and the station "Frankfurt Ost". From the stop "Ostbahnhof/Honsellstraße" the hotel can be reached in only one walking minute.
      • Underground station "Ostbahnhof": From Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof take line U4 (direction Bornheim Seckbacher Landstraße), change at Konstablerwache to line U6 (direction Ostbahnhof) and get off at "Ostbahnhof" (journey time approx. 12 minutes). Then approx. 240 metres on foot.
      • Frankfurt Ost" station: From Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof take the Regional-Express RE 54 (direction Bamberg) or the Regional-Bahn RB 58 (direction Hanau Hbf) to the "Frankfurt (Main) Ost" stop (journey time approx. 9 minutes). Then approx. 350 metres on foot.
      • Ostbahnhof/Honsellstraße" stop: From Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof take Tram 11 (direction Fechenheim Schießhüttenstraße) to "Ostbahnhof/Honsellstraße" stop (journey time approx. 18 minutes). Then approx. 35 metres on foot.
  • Are there parking spaces on site?

    There are sufficient parking spaces for a fee available in the surrounding area.

  • When can I check in at the hotel?

    Check-in is expected to take place on Thursday from approx. 13:30 - 15:30 at the B&B Hotel.

  • When do I have to check out?

    Check-Out is on Saturday until 10:00. If you are still in your room, you will have to pay the costs of the B&B hotel.


  • Can I go into a room with my colleagues?

    When registering, you can specify a preference with whom you would like to stay in a room. Since there are mostly 2-bed rooms, we kindly ask you to make an arrangement with each other beforehand! Preferences will only be implemented if they match. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case.

  • Can I change my room on the spot?

    If you want to change your room, first wait for the check-in. If you still want to swap rooms, please contact the person you want to swap and the conference team. We hope to make an exchange on-site superfluous by the preference data with the registration.

  • As a women, do I come on a room with a man?

    No, the room distribution is strictly separated according to male and female.
    If the preferences of a man and a woman match, they are assigned into one room.


  • Is participation in the individual programme points mandatory?

    Yes, participation in KeyNotes and other programme points is compulsory. In case of absence, we reserve the right to exclude persons from the conference.

  • How do I get from the hotel to the venue?

    • The event will take place at the Zoo Gesellschaftshaus, Alfred-Brehm-Platz 16, 60316 Frankfurt am Main.
      • For the guests of the B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Hbf: The footpath is approx. 3.2 km (so plan 40 min). We, therefore, recommend that you use the underground or tram. From the main station, you can reach the Zoo Gesellschaftshaus (exit "Zoo") within 16 minutes by tram no. 14 (direction Bornheim Ernst-May-Platz). Alternatively, you can take the U4 (direction Bornheim Seckbacher Landstraße) and change at the Konstablerwache to the U6 (direction Ostbahnhof) to get to the Zoo Gesellschaftshaus within 9 minutes (exit "Zoo").

    For the guests of the B&B Hotel Frankfurt City-Ost: The footpath is approx. 1.2 km (so plan 16 min). From the Ostbahnhof you can take the U6 (direction Hausen) to the Zoo Gesellschaftshaus within 1 min (exit "Zoo").

  • How do I get from the hotel to Tower 185?

    • Tower 185 is located at Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37, 60327 Frankfurt am Main.
      • For the guests of the B&B Hotel Frankfurt-Hbf: This is about a 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Turn left out of the hotel, turn left at the big crossroads. The tower is after 300 meters on the left side.
      • For the guests of the B&B Hotel Frankfurt City-Ost: The footpath is approx. 4.2 km (so plan 54 minutes). We therefore recommend that you use the underground. From the Ostbahnhof you can take the U6 (direction Hausen) and change at the Konstablerwache to the U4 (direction Bockenheimer Warte) and get to Tower 185 (exit "Festhalle/Messe") within 20 minutes.
  • What happens if I arrive too late for the programme points?

    Delays will not be tolerated. Since external speakers and partner companies will be present at the respective event points, it is a matter of courtesy not to interrupt their presentation. We expect you to arrive at the respective venue in good time. Otherwise, admission cannot be guaranteed.

  • What KeyNotes can I attend?

    All conference should participate in all KeyNotes and all other program points for which they have registered. If you do not attend and/or miss any of the program points, you will be banned from attending.

  • What is Business Speed Dating?

    Business Speed Dating is your chance to get an internship or a permanent job with the employer of your choice. During the registration process, you can indicate your preferences for your desired employer. Based on your CV you will then be selected by the companies and invited to a "Speed Dating". Here you have the chance to directly convince the company representatives of yourself. If and from which company you have been invited, you will be informed by mail.

  • How does the Networking Lounge works?

    In the Networking Lounge, company representatives will be available to answer your questions at the stands. You are free to decide which companies you are interested in. It is advisable to note down questions in advance and underline your interest with specific questions.  For this purpose we will also provide you with business cards - use them well and get in touch with contacts for your future application.

General Assembly

  • Is the general assembly obligatory?

    For all official, registered association representatives participation is obligatory. In the event of absence, violations of the rules will occur in accordance with the rules and regulations.

  • I am not a board member registered in the register of associations, may I still represent my regional association?

    In order to be entitled to vote at the general meeting of the federation, you must be an official representative of your association and/or be authorised to represent it. You receive this power of representation either because you are registered as a board member in the register of associations, or because you have received a written, signed power of attorney in your name from the board authorized to represent you. You can find a template in the BVH Academy.

  • What majority of votes does a statutory amendment/normal proposal require to be adopted at the general assembly?

    Pursuant to section 8.5 of the BVH statutes, each direct member of the BVH has one vote. The General Meeting constitutes a quorum if at least 1/3 of the direct members are represented. This means that at least 22 clubs must be present at 66 clubs. A simple majority of votes (1/2 majority) is required to pass a resolution unless the law or the statutes stipulate otherwise. However, according to BVH statute §9.1, a 2/3 majority is required for an amendment to the statutes.

  • Where can I find the current BVH statutes?

    You will always find the current statutes entered in the register of associations in the BVH Academy.

  • How does electronic voting works?

    Just like at the last (extraordinary ) general assembly, we will also use an electronic voting system at this year's general assembly. Each association will receive a voting device for this purpose immediately before the start of the general meeting. The introduction to the correct operation of the voting devices is made directly at the general meeting by the chairman of the meeting.